Refund Policy

Textbook refunds are given only if the class is cancelled or if the student has dropped the class.  A register receipt and student ID is  required for refunds.  New textbooks must be in brand new contition (no highlighting or writing).  Books with markings will be given a 75% refund.  No refunds on opened access codes, electronics, headphones, Instructor Notes, lab manuals, or lab supplies.

The refund period is the 1st 10 days for Fall and Spring semesters, and the 1st 5 days of class for the Summer semester.  The refund period for Interim classes is by noon on the first day of class.

Defective textbooks should be returned immediately for full refund or exchange.  All returns are subject to the Manager's discretion.  After the refund period expires, textbooks may be sold at the end of the semester during Book Buy Back.